April/May 2016 New Releases!

Lost of great music for April and May!  Check them out:

Title Label Record # Type Details
A Kind Of Hush Hi Hat HH 5324 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/a-kind-of-hush/
A Working Man Double M MM 258 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/a-working-man/
Abilene Chinook CK 233 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/abilene/
All The Right Moves Arrowhead Recording ARROW 111 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/all-the-right-moves/
American Flag On The Moon Gold Rush GLDR 246 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/american-flag-on-the-moon/
Bali Hai and Nadia Silver Sounds SSR 320 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/bali-hai-and-nadia/
Be Glad Blue Star Retro BSR 1147 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/be-glad/
Beth Gold Rush GLDR 245 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/beth/
Brandy Glass and Hi Hat Hornpipe Hi Hat HH 5321 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/brandy-glass-and-hi-hat-hornpipe/
California Love Sharpshooter SS 1012 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/california-love/
Chapel Of Love Hi Hat HH 5325 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/chapel-of-love/
Child Of The Fifties Double M MM 257 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/child-of-the-fifties/
Coffee Rumba Hi Hat HH 5320 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/coffee-rumba/
Color Me America Gold Rush GLDR 244 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/color-me-america/
Colors Of The Wind Hi Hat Retro HHR 532 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/colors-of-the-wind-2/
Cotton Fields Sting SIR 21402 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/cotton-fields/
Digitec Crown Alternative CAC 004 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/digitec/
Doin\' Dirt Arrowhead Recording ARROW 112 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/doin-dirt/
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime Blue Star Retro BSR 1148 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/everybody-loves-somebody-sometime/
Everything I Do Silver Sounds SSR 319 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/everything-i-do/
Feels So Right Classic CL 150 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/feels-so-right/
Five Minutes Miracle MIR 144 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/five-minutes/
Glory Of True Love Gold Rush GLDR 247 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/glory-of-true-love/
Handy Man Miracle MIR 164 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/handy-man/
Harper Valley PTA Gold Rush GLDR 240 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/harper-valley-pta/
Hey Jude and Sukiyaki Crown Alternative CAC 002 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/hey-jude-and-sukiyaki/
I Can\'t Fight This Feeling Anymore Silver Sounds SSR 323 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/i-cant-fight-this-feeling-anymore/
I Want A Girl Blue Star Retro BSR 1144 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/i-want-a-girl/
It\'s Gonna Be A Good Day Double M MM 259 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/its-gonna-be-a-good-day/
It\'s Your World Now Silver Sounds SSR 321 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/its-your-world-now/
Jump Up and Down Sharpshooter SS 1013 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/jump-up-and-down/
Kickin and Downtown Hoedown Crown Alternative CAC 005 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/kickin-and-downtown-hoedown/
Let Me Be There Miracle MIR 162 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/let-me-be-there/
Life Is A Highway Sharpshooter SS 1014 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/life-is-a-highway/
Light Blue Rain Hi Hat HH 5322 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/light-blue-rain/
Little Red Rodeo Cheyenne CHY 2028 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/little-red-rodeo/
Lost In Love Hi Hat Retro HHR 531 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/lost-in-love-2/
Love Me Do Sting SIR 21406 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/love-me-do/
Love Song Gold Rush GLDR 243 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/love-song/
Me and My Gang Sharpshooter SS 1011 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/me-and-my-gang-2/
My Next Broken Heart Chinook CK 227 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/my-next-broken-heart/
Never Been Any Reason Arrowhead Recording ARROW 110 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/never-been-any-reason/
New World In The Morning Blue Star Retro BSR 1143 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/new-world-in-the-morning/
No One Like You Crown Alternative CAC 001 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/no-one-like-you/
Once a Day Chinook CK 228 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/once-a-day/
Operator Hi Hat Retro HHR 533 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/operator-2/
Philadelpha Freedom Gold Rush GLDR 239 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/philadelpha-freedom/
Please Mister, Please Miracle MIR 163 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/please-mister-please/
Red Sails In The Sunset Blue Star Retro BSR 1146 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/red-sails-in-the-sunset/
Return to Harper Valley Gold Rush GLDR 241 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/return-to-harper-valley/
Ride Captain Ride Gold Rush GLDR 242 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/ride-captain-ride/
Sheila Unicorn UR 505 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/sheila/
Smooth Criminal Sharpshooter SS 1010 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/smooth-criminal/
Snoopy For President 2016 Gold Rush GLDR 123 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/snoopy-for-president/
Solid Hoedown Sharpshooter SS 1015 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/solid-hoedown/
The P Trap and Feels Like Dancing Crown Alternative CAC 003 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/the-p-trap-and-feels-like-dancing/
Then He Kissed Me Hi Hat Retro HHR 530 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/then-he-kissed-me/
When I Wake Up Imperial Records IR 120 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/when-i-wake-up/
With Hoedown and Without Hoedown Crown Alternative CAC 006 Patter https://www.dosado.com/product/with-hoedown-and-without-hoedown/
You And Me Sting SIR 21412 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/you-and-me/
You Baby Arrowhead Recording ARROW 113 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/you-baby/
You Don\'t Know Me Silver Sounds SSR 324 Singing Calls https://www.dosado.com/product/you-dont-know-me/
Title Label Record # Type Details