The Online Music Store is once again OPEN with instant downloads!

We are still in our “Soft Launch” stage, but our goal is to bring AT LEAST 100 songs a day back up for sale until the database is full with well over 3000 titles! Here are the first 200+ ! Once again, we are starting with Chaparral, Road Runner, and Royal Classic, but will begin to add music from other producers as quickly as they give us approval, and we get them entered into the system.

Check out our Christmas music! We’ve got over 30 Christmas tunes ready for sale, and more coming soon.

For those of you looking for CD’s, Publications, and Equipment, those are all coming too, but will not likely be ready before January 1, 2016. We are currently setting up a workshop and arranging inventory and that will take some time.

Thank You For Your Patience! We want the new to be a simple, easy, and quick way for you to get your music INSTANTLY and take care of ALL your Square Dance needs.


Paul and Mary Ellen Cote
and the rest of the team!